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PURE = Personalized Urban Restorative Escape

“A non-profit wellness organization for the integration of alternative health resources for brighter living.”

The Mission 
PURE strives to create personalized integrated health plans using natural resources for improving and prompting holistic healthy living.
Our Vision

In today’s society the trend of the health care industry is to “over- treat”  or  “under- treat” depending on your status.  Ones financial situation can contribute to unhealthy living, lack of treatment or the treatment of ailments.  The general population wants a quick fix cure over the counter. This does not create a viable solid well being in our lives today.

As we move forward with today’s ever present healthcare transformation, the missteps of medicine has promulgated the desire to take control of our own well being and to explore the options of healing oneself using alternative methods plus taking proactive steps in our day to day lives to be on a healthy life transformation journey.

Education is a powerful tool in arming yourself with a working knowledge of alternative healing options in treating ailments and eating healthy.  PURE would like to introduce you to these alternatives to improve and maintain a healthy living lifestyle that integrates various methods and including but not excluding the science of medicine and it’s treatments in curing; bringing the eastern, ancient healing techniques and the western curing cultures together.


Ultimately, we would like to be your life’s health coach in developing certain disciplines that promotes healthy living to prevent illness. As we say, “living in the positive”; thus enabling you through education to assist in changing habits culminating in an enhanced quality of life!


We promote synergy by healing the mind, body and spirit, making a healthier you.  This is our goal.