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    Complementary and alternative medicine, also called CAM, is becoming popularity in the United States. Integrative medicine is developing as a new form of medical practice. For those practitioners and patients who want to consider both conventional and CAM medicine in their medical decision-making, the integrative model makes sense. It takes the best practices of both worlds, eastern and western medicines, for treating whatever the individual's medical problem is, and combines them to benefit the person.  It has been proven CAM helps reduce stress, improve mood, improve their quality of sleep and reduce their fatigue. This is both complementary and integrative.
  • Who would have thought

    Drug companies won't like this one getting around; but  honey and cinnamon as a mixture of cures several if not most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world so it is readily available.  Using local honey is important to establish a nature resistance to your environment. Scientists of today also accept honey as a 'Ram Ban' (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects for any kind of diseases. Science researchers have stated says that even though honey is sweet, when it is taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm even diabetic patient.

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