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P.U.R.E. is your resource for alternatives to better living.

“A non-profit wellness organization for the integration of alternative health methods in holistic approach to better living for all ages.”

 A Maryland corporation, 501 (C)(3) non profit public support organization, IRS determination since February, 2012.
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P.U.R.E.'s holistic wellness center located in historic Fells Point at 1724 Aliceanna St. Baltimore, Maryland.  Visit us or call to schedule your appointment today @ 410.235.3993 or            
 to review PURE's online appointment scheduler, workshop/training calendar.  Follow us on FACEBOOK for tips, latest news, and events   www.facebook.com/pihservices.org .
*REIKI for Children*
20 min session will reduce stress in children
$20.00 per session
 *REIKI for Teachers*
 30 min session will reduce stress giving peace of mind working with the children
 $25.00 per session 
* OFFER ENDS 11/1/2015
WEEKLY HEALING AND VISUALIZATION MEDITATION GROUP -  Every Wednesday from 7-8pm.  RSVP your participation no later then 4pm Wednesday at 410-235-3993.  Doors lock promptly at 7pm so group may get the full benefit of time. 
Develop your own personalized P.U.R.E. Maintenance Package
Prepaid packages by choosing TWO or more 30 or 60 minute sessions and receive 10% discount.  Services must be used in the purchasing month or if gifted within the initial month of starting services. 
Below are samples of Maintenance Packages that can be designed for your but are not limited to..

 Example Package Plan of


 Reg Investment


Discount Applied

2 - 30 min REIKI
1 - 60 min Massages
1 - 30 min Reflexology Sessions

$ 215.00 
 $ 193.50
2 - 60 min Massages
1 - Astrology Chart Reading
2 - 30 min REIKI Sessions

$ 310.00
 $ 279.00
 Call PURE @ 410.235.3993 for more details
The Organization's Mission 
PURE strives to educate, coach and assist individuals to create personalized integrated holistic health options using natural resources for improving and prompting healthy living.

Our Vision

In today’s society the trend of the health care industry is to “over- treat”  or  “under- treat” depending on your insurance coverage or financial status.  Ones financial situation can contribute to unhealthy living, lack of treatment or the treatment of ailments.   Money... 

 For tips about talking with your health care providers

PURE recommends always that you tell all your health care providers about any alternative practices you choose to use. Do this during your routine visits, examining physicians normally do not ask the patience about alternative practices being used.  Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.
Disclaimer -
Neither PURE Integrated Health Services Foundation, Inc. nor the staff or this website are in engaged in rendering professional advice or services but the ideas, suggestions, procedures, alternative methods, recipes, etc. are not substitutions for consulting with your physician. We encourage that you consult your doctor first before proceeding.  All matters with your health require supervision of your physician and alternative methods should be monitored. We shall not be liable or responsible for loss or damages allegedly arising from information or suggestions by PURE and/or it’s staff.

  • Most people dismiss meditation as a viable means to reduce stress.  Some consider it a bunch of new age or hippy age stuff. But no longer; UCLA scientists have established that meditation that showed if done regularly and for long enough, is linked to the brain being able to become sharper and process information faster. Take that, skeptics!!
  • CALLING PUBLIC SERVICE SECTORS:  Firefighters, Police Officers, Public School Teachers
    Interested in discovering a holistic approach to your health by using REIKI, Karuna REIKI or Integrated Reflexology?  Call 410-235-3993 and schedule your PURE discounted session $20 to try and see if this may be something you'd like to incorporate into your life. 
  • As we age, our blood pressure tends to rise.  Following a healthy lifestyle – exercise, good eating habits, reduce those things in your life that causes stress will keep your blood pressure in check. As a way to manage your blood pressure, herbs and spices are an excellent way to increase the medicinal value of your food. Spices and herbs that are proving to be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effectiveness to boost your body's health should ...