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P.U.R.E. is your resource for alternatives to better living.

“A non-profit wellness organization for the integration of alternative health methods in holistic approach to better living for all ages.”

 A Maryland corporation, 501 (C)(3) non profit public support organization, IRS determination since February, 2012.
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P.U.R.E.'s Holistic Wellness Center located :           
526 S Conkling Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Be sure to stop by and visit us or call to schedule your appointment today @ 410.235.3993 or            
 to review PURE's online appointment scheduler, workshop/training calendar.  Follow us on FACEBOOK for tips, latest news, and events   www.facebook.com/pihservices.org .


HYPNOSIS SESSION with Terry McMillion
Certification from The American School of Hypnosis
Hypnosis is an alternative holistic solution to change patterns of behavior
within the conscious mind, letting go of blockages;
i.e. anger, fears, phobias, negative thoughts, grief, lack of confidence,
anxiety and suppressed emotions. Also hypnosis helps you change behavior habits
like over eating, gambling, smoking, nail biting, increase memory, and develop studying habits.
First Consultation - 90 minutes - $100
Followup Session - 60 minutes - $75
Stop Smoking Package - 3 Sessions - $200
(Plus 1 month Ionic Detox Foot Bath)
Weight Management Package - 2 Sessions - $150
(Plus 1 month Ionic Detox Foot Bath)
by appointment only -- Call today !
* MASSAGES (Prepaid Monthly Maintenance Pkg/by appointment only)*
TWO -- 60 min session will relax and heal your body
Deep Tissue upgrade +$20 to the session
* REFLEXOLOGY (Prepaid weekly session for a month package)*
20 min weekly session will relax and heal your body - $100
* IONIC Foot Detox Bath (Prepaid Weekly session for a month package)*
weekly session to detox your body - $100
* Infrared Sauna Booth (Prepaid Weekly session for a month package)*
weekly session to detox your body - $100
*REIKI for Children*
20 min session will reduce stress in children - $20

 *REIKI for Teachers*
 30 min session will reduce stress giving peace of mind working with the children
 $30.00 per session -- ID required
*REIKI for Fire Fighters & Police Officers*
 30 min session will reduce stress levels
 $30.00 per session - ID required
* OFFER ENDS 8/1/2017
Call 410-235-3993 for an Appointment - Mention the 2017 SPECIAL to get Discounts
 Healing & Visualization Meditation - Every Wednesday 7-8pm
Looking to making changes in your life this New Year. This is perfect practice to start any time!!  Join us at PURE Holistic Center and Terry McMillion every Wednesday evening 7-8pm for a connected, mindful, intentional, goal setting meditation group session. Learn breathe, relaxing breathing and mediation techniques that give you the tools to reduce stress and bring balance into your life. Call 410-235-3993 to reserve a spot.**A kind contribution of $10.00 is greatly appreciated and helps us to help others. **

Also available, private meditation lessons/sessions @ $25.00 per hr by appointment  anytime. We work with you to help you - your well being is our concern.
PURE's Usui REIKI   I & II Classes - 
 Investment cost $325 ($100 for Reiki I only 4 hrs)
( 1 day commitment  & prepaid registration required ) 

PURE's TAI CHI Classes - 
 Investment cost  (6wk @ $110 or 12wk @ $210 )
( 1 day commitment for 6 or 12 weeks and prepaid registration required) 
 DATE: Call for start date   -- Also available in private lessons

 For tips about talking with your health care providers

PURE recommends always that you tell all your health care providers about any alternative practices you choose to use. Do this during your routine visits, examining physicians normally do not ask the patience about alternative practices being used.  Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.
Disclaimer -
Neither PURE Integrated Health Services Foundation, Inc. nor the staff or this website are in engaged in rendering professional advice or services but the ideas, suggestions, procedures, alternative methods, recipes, etc. are not substitutions for consulting with your physician. We encourage that you consult your doctor first before proceeding.  All matters with your health require supervision of your physician and alternative methods should be monitored. We shall not be liable or responsible for loss or damages allegedly arising from information or suggestions by PURE and/or it’s staff.

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  • Stress affects us daily.  If left unmanaged, stress can lead to a whole range of difficulties such as tension headaches, premature aging, panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

  • CALLING PUBLIC SERVICE SECTORS:  Firefighters, Police Officers, Public School Teachers
    Interested in discovering a holistic approach to your health by using REIKI, Karuna REIKI or Integrated Reflexology?  Call 410-235-3993 and schedule your PURE discounted session $20 to try and see if this may be something you'd like to incorporate into your life. 
  • TAI Chi for your health has been shown to reduce stress, form of meditation, improves balance control, fitness, and flexibility.  It improves gait, poster and reduces the risk ...