Prior to becoming an energy healer, professional Ja-Quisa worked in many fields. First in dental hygiene, and worked as a dental assistant for around 6 years.. Then became a licensed Barber and opened a barber shop to owning a construction, janitorial, and maintenance business employing 15 people. Through all these careers paths, Ja-Quisa never felt satisfied and started her journey to connect spiritually and holistically.

From early childhood she was always compelled to help others, even to the extent of hindering herself. This led her to be out of balance, feeling drained, as if carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Developed health problems, and was not happy.
Reiki and Quantum healing gives me gratification that is beyond any monetary accomplishment. She is now living proof, how amazing Reiki can transform one’s life. Seeing the effect that it had on her life but her family’s life intrigued her not only sought out to learn about it but take it and share it with others. Reiki gives her soul’s a purpose. Ja-Quisa wholeheartedly has a desire to help, love everyone and everything.

Ja-Quisha holds certifications in: Master / Teacher in Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpinden , Master / Teacher in Usui/Holy Fire II Ryoho Reiki, Reiki I & II Usui / Tibetan Ryoho Reiki, A.R.T. of Energy Healing, Quantum – Touch and studies in Shamanic training.
Ja-Quisa’s formal education includes an A.S in Dental Hygiene