Danielle was first drawn to energy medicine 2011 in the healing of her own anxiety and patterns of life imbalance seeking alternatives outside of western medicine. She realized
ability to learn Reiki was not dependent on intellectual capacity, nor does one have to be able to meditate but one’s heart desire to love which equally and incredible profound awoke within her. After completing the course all areas of Reiki, this transformed her life.

2012, Danielle joined Theresa in PURE assisting in the opening of PURE’s first holistic center.Danielle felt at peace, connected and ALIVE. Finally she felt an amazing life tool that gave her the strength and courage to cope with anything. Delighted to be one of the Reiki Master Teachers who has been successful in guiding and awaking several students to this natural truth and magical force within PURE.

It is one of her intentions that Reiki become more widely accepted and appreciated by many, which is why it’s important to her that it is taught in a grounded, relatable and approachable style. Reiki makes life sacred. In current times when everything is moving so fast and more people are feeling lost and disconnected, it is needed more than ever.

2014, Danielle came to a realization reflexology, also an art of relaxation, worked hand in hand with Reiki specifically working with a high level of success within PURE reducing stress levels in clientele. Understanding reflexology works to relieve muscular tension and promote the circulation to the muscles and internal organs.

Therefore it enabled her to utilized another fantastic tool for pain relief with her clientele and she incorporates Reiki at the same time.

Danielle holds certifications in: ART/MASTER Teacher Practitioner of Usui/Tibet Reiki, Karuna Reiki
Master/Teacher, and Integrative Reflexology Studies the art of Tuning Fork Energy, Crystal Energy and Aroma Therapy.

Reiki / Workshop Instructor