Ashley McGill is a certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Practitioner.  Ms. McGill super passionate about illuminating the brilliance in every human being.  She loves to see people shine! Energy Healing literally changed her life.  As a child she was always an intuitive soul with “hot hands” as my mother would often say. Whenever she would touch people they would notice heat and this was before any formal attunement in Reiki.

Years later , after experiencing personal heart break, Ms. McGill while in a church service surrendered her pain to God, and asked to be healed. She felt an incredible, peaceful, and life altering energy going through my body, as the paster prayed over her.  A loving energy moving through out her body,  literally feeling the healing of her heart. As this occurred she spoke in many different tongues and when it was over.  She felt many things had shifted within her. Ms. McGill was HEALED.  As a Pheonix rising from the ashes, no longer heartache existed only leaving what felt like a burning fire pouring through the palms of her hands.

Since her day of awakening, she sought out and studied with teachers and mentors who work with energy healing and the metaphysical arts.  Becoming a student of the white light, reading of books, attending many energy healing and intuitive workshops.  Then I was lead to PURE in 2015, meeting Terry McMillion.  The door to Reiki was opened, was attuned in Usui/Tibetan Reiki and became a certified practitioner.

Being a Baltimore Native , Ms. McGill works in the Baltimore City School System where she offered energy healing and mindfulness programming.  Personally, she is convinced that our city and the world could greatly benefit from more of this sacred light work.

May we all Glow with the brilliant Light that is in us all.