These days juicing is getting serious attention. The challenge is the implementation of a juicing plan into you daily life routine. If you give yourself 10 days of the routine and having been living a juicing routine, I am convinced that juicing is the final key to giving radiant and an energetic life. We have been told over and over that valuable and sensitive micro nutrients become damaged when cook vegetables. And if you avoid all processed foods and if you can not eat only organic vegetables and fruits, the commercial ones will do but up the volume intake to increase the nutrient value ; your bodies pH levels restore themselves.

Virtually every health book and health authority recommends that we get 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and how many of us actually really get that. Juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily vegetables.

For those who are over weight, have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol it is best to limit juicing using fruits unless you have normalize these conditions. (It is very important that you tell your doctor you are doing this so your blood levels can be monitored. VERY IMPORTANT. )The exception to this rule of thumb would be lemons and limes which have virtually none of the offending sugar, fructose, that causes most of the metabolic complications. I have found that lemons or limes are amazing at eliminating the bitter taste of the dark deep leafy green vegetables that provide most of the benefits of juicing.
Here are a few main reasons to consider vegetable juicing into your diet:

#1... Juicing extracts and helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. This is important because most of us have poor digestion as a result a bad diet and poor food choices over many years. This prevents our body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables. Juicing will help to "pre-digest" them for you, so you will receive most of the nutrition, rather than having it go down the toilet.

#2...Juicing allows you to efficiently consume vegetables. If you are a heavy carbs eater, (THAT WAS ME) then it is suggested that you eat 1lb. of raw vegetables per 50 lbs of body weight per day. Some people may find eating that many vegetables difficult, but it can be easily accomplished with a quick glass of vegetable juice. So if your weight is 200 lbs. the recommended amount of vegetables is 4 lbs.

#3... Your intake of juice will add more vegetables into your diet. Many people eat the same vegetable salads every day. This goes against the principle of regular food rotation thus increases your chance of developing a allergy food. But with juicing, you can juice a wide variety of vegetables that you may not normally enjoy eating whole.

Now If you are new to juicing, I recommend a mid-priced juicer and stainless steal is worth the additional cost. The cheap centrifugal juicers break easily, produce low quality juice, and are very loud. You get what you pay for when it comes to juicers. Enjoy !!

The Color of Your Food or Juice

Remember back in the days of Homemake classes and you carried the 5-pound bag of flour and you learned about your food groups and eating? A lot can be said for nutritional characteristics of fruit and vegetables but hard to remember all the things they can do for you. One way to help understanding the healing elements for fruits and vegetables, juices and foods is to remember what the colors they represent.

RED FOOD -- speeds up circulation, creates energy, fire, yang energy (Chinese medicine), and heats up your body including hands and feet. These would be tomatoes, cherries, red cabbage, red peppers, and hot spicy peppers; cranberry, watermelon, radish, wheat and rye are just a few examples.

ORANGE FOOD -- is excellent for pains and cramps. It helps strengthen the lungs in allergy seasons. It is also good for emotionally opening up your joy and expansiveness. It promotes vitality and mental clarity. Oranges, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds and sesame are some examples.

GREEN FOOD -- is a detox, a blood cleanser, bactericide and natural tranquilizer. All green leafy vegetables and sprouts, wheatgrass, avocado, etc. are examples.

YELLOW FOOD -- is a stimulant, gets you going faster in the morning. It strengthens the nerves, digestion and helps constipation. Lemon, lime, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, peach, banana, papaya, mango, corn, squash, butter are some examples.

BLUE FOOD -- is for headaches, spiritual, and mental work. It is yin and cooling. Blueberry, plum, grape, potato, celery, parsnip, asparagus, and nuts.

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