Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can us them to boost and help with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health; and they can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing and assist you in feeling happier and peaceful.  Although they may seem like inert objects, crystals are both filled with energy and very much alive.  They’re basically conduits of energy.  That is why crystals are used in watches, radios, satellite communications and medical devices.  Modern technology uses ancient natural crystals to boost radio waves and vibrational medicine using crystal energy.

Crystals are thought of as “new age” but they are not.  They have always been a part of our old planet for a long time.  Crystal Children (sensitive to crystal energy and/or psychic babies) are showing a knowledge wisdom that comes from the many lifetimes that crystals serve as jewelry, healing tools and have inhabitant of this plant for a long time.  They are associated with ancient wisdom and heavenly caverns of mystery.  Why? Because crystals are record-keepers of memories and knowledge about the earth’s spiritual healing energy and are members of the mineral kingdom in the physical world.  We are entering into a new phase in our relationship with earth when working with crystal therapy.

If you believe, like we do, God is omnipresent everywhere thus the Creator is within the crystals. Crystals have a spirit that is alive and vibrates, all good and the desire to bring joy, healing and happiness to earth.  Crystal therapy is an intuitive way of working with stones to effectively heal or enhance the energy flow for healing.  When you work with stones you evoke the angel energy and guidance by channeling the divine light through you body.   Clearly understand and keep in your mind that your intention stated by your tone will be the outcome and the crystal amplifies that energy.  So the old adage, “ the power of positive think” holds very true here so be careful with your underlying intentions.  Before you begin, take the time to center and quiet your mind and body.  Ask yourself then “What are my intentions with this crystal?”  Ego-based intentions can block healing.  Let the light and love flow through you into the crystal and allow healing.

For more on Crystal Healing feel free to Google or go to  For recommended reading material, we suggest “Crystal Therapy, How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy” by Doreen Virture, Ph.D., and Judith Lukomski.

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