Learn to Juice


A popular idea getting serious attention these days is the implementing of a juicing plan into you daily life routine. Having been living a juicing routine, I am convinced that juicing is the final key to giving radiant and an energetic life.   We have been told over and over that valuable and sensitive micronutrients become damaged when cook vegetables.   And if you avoid all processed foods and eat only organic vegetables and fruits; your bodies pH levels restore themselves. 


Virtually every health book and health authority recommends that we get 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day and how many of us actually really get that. Juicing is an easy way to virtually guarantee that you will reach your daily vegetables.


For those who are over weight, have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol it is best to limit juicing using fruits unless you have normalize these conditions. (It is very important that you tell your doctor you are doing this so your blood levels can be monitored. VERY IMPORTANT. )The exception to this rule of thumb would be lemons and limes which have virtually none of the offending sugar, fructose, that causes most of the metabolic complications. I have found that lemons or limes are amazing at eliminating the bitter taste of the dark deep leafy green vegetables that provide most of the benefits of juicing.   In this Member only tab PURE will be bringing to you recipe recommendations to start you off in your juicing routine .

NOTE -- 
We will be posting new recipes on a weekly basis. . if you have a special request or a health target contact our PURE Coach or work with our Meds Management department for specific recipe recommendations to try with you current prescription drugs.  IT IS IMPORTANT that you pay attention to how your body is reacting.. everyone has different reactions/allergies and there are some medications that you need to avoid counter acting results.