At what age can children be introduced to a world of peace and tranquility?   

    How can REIKI help with recovery from debilitating addictions such as overeating, smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse? 
  • Meds Management
    Why medication management? What does that do for me?
    Do you spend your mornings and evenings swallowing a handful of pills? Does your doctor continue to prescribe you more medications without taking you off of any?  Would you like to know if you still need all of those medications or if there is something you can do to decrease the number of pills you are taking?  If so, sit down with our registered pharmacists and let them review your medication history and evaluate whether there is a program that will help you decrease the number of medications you take and help you live a healthier life.

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    INTERACTIONS with Food, drugs, herbs & vitamin
    Did you know that as innocent combinations of vitamins, herbs and drugs could kill us?   Do you tell your family physician about the vitamins or herbal teas you are drinking and the interactions of medication prescribed? Your physician and pharmacists are knowledgeable on all major interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and food specific nutrients, and herbs. For example, inhibition of vitamin K may be caused by antibiotics or iron deficiency, and may be triggered by long-term use of aspirin. This is the “kind-of-stuff” that the professional needs to know. Side effects are also discussed; consider what would happen you decided to take higher doses of vitamin E, garlic, and gingko, when your where taking heavy doses of warfarin (trade name, Coumadin—legally known as “Rat Poison”). You could be potentially dead within 24 hours.
    Discuss with our registered pharmacist the potential issues in combination of over the counter drugs, herbs and vitamins that could be a potential health problem for you.  Working with our registered pharmacists you can discuss what combination of drugs with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements heading off dangerous combinations.
  • Reiki and other Energy Healing Sessions
    Anyone can benefit from REIKI or other energy healing modalities ..
  • Massage Services
    This section is under construction, please stop back soon.  For additional information email: info@pihservices.com
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