Reach your full potential, take steps to change your life!

Holistic Healing is a journey..  and is really a lifestyle approach that goes far beyond the basic physical aspects of your health.  It is balancing a person's  life physically, health, emotional and spiritually.  Holistic healing is intended not to be a band-aide on your life or a one time fix.  Nor does it replace western medicine; but an on going journey of living better, being healthier and striving for wholeness.   

PURE can and will help restore balance to the physical body. 
True, our pains and other physical discomforts demand our attention but many times are secondary conditions and not the primary root of our problems.  For example, a headache is a symptoms of a greater imbalance that may or many not have a physical root but could be a nutrition or emotional one.  A person that embraces the desire to find wholeness soon learns the importance and the impact it brings to ones overall life. 
You will learn to connect with your inner peace to maintain stability.  We all want and need to sharpen our mind, reduce levels of stress within the home, workplace and in daily community living. Reduced pain and suffering will calm emotions and soothe nerves leading each individual to a deeper form of consciousness. 


Our #1 Goal is to give back to the community by introducing the benefits of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Integrated Reflexology.   These techniques alleviate stress in the most difficult of times.  You will learn to use your own energy to positively improve your life.


We will also conduct workshops to reduce stress, teaching you to heal yourself!

          ·      Learn how to “self healing techniques” using your own energy

          ·      Learn 5 minute restorative meditations and other meditation techniques

          ·      Learn about aroma and crystal therapy

          ·      Learn juicing for a healthier you

(Medication management and other alternative health methods are also available.)


Free sessions in Baltimore City to police officers, firefighters and public school teachers!  Stop by the center and try a free 20-minute energy healing session. Our Public Service Sector program is offered at 50% off  full service fees if you sign up for 5 additional restorative sessions.   To participate in this PS program and receive a free session, an employee photo ID is required.



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PURE uses 50% of the service fees paid and contributions to help fulfill it's mission to awaken the best in the human spirit; helping western medicine with assisted healing of the eastern practices. Your contribution gift (check with your tax adviser or details on eligible tax-deductible) will help those who are not able to help themselves.


Automated monthly maintenance fees entitles you to 2 -- 60 minute sessions or 4 -- 30 minute sessions during regular operating hours per month.  


PURE depends on the generosity of individuals like you to fund the work and services offered that someone in need cannot fully cover. Every gift ripples through the experience of program participants annually, and through every participant we touch, into the world we all share.