Being Proactive /Helpful Tips



The common health problems should it be physical or physiological can be simply symptoms of imbalances and often it takes nothing more than good living practices to remedy them.  But first and foremost you must want to make the change but once you make the change, and this takes just around 10 days for one to make habit changes, you create new and healthier new habits/routine.


“You are what you eat.”  How many times we heard that growing up.  There is no perfect diet for everyone, so it is important to watch and pay attention to how your body reacts to foods.  How does it make you feel once you eat it and then hours after you eat food.  Your body will tell you what is good for you and what is not.  Then watch your intake.  Do not over eat. Eat smaller portion and more often.  Eat in moderation.  Eat organic whenever possible and seasonal foods and avoid processed and the over consumption of sweets and carbohydrates.  Alkalize the body with dark leafy vegetables, steamed grains, high proteins (fish, poultry, lean beef) and sour fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruits and sour cherries.




Here are 10 guiding rules in establishing a successful life style.

1)     Know what you are eating, the root cause to disease is due to our diet and stress. 

2)     Do not eat when you are stressed.  When are bodies are stressed it prevents the digestive system from function as designed.  So it is best to relax and reduce your stress before eating.

3)     Do not eat after 7pm.  Move your main meal to either breakfast or lunch.  Do lighter dinners.

4)     When you exercise, do so to tone and not for pain.  Just 15-20 minutes a day is needed to stay healthy and keep strong bones.

5)     Stay away from fade or “yo-yo” diets.  These have been proven to do more harm then good.  It is better not to diet, but to just eat in moderation and healthy.

6)     Get the internal clock functioning on a schedule.  Get up when you wake up in the morning.  This will help your establish solid sleep patterns and allow your body to work at it’s peak.

7)     Never to bed stress or angry.  Work on meditating, deep breathing exercises, take a warm shower, warm bath, listen to classical music, soft new age music but do something.

8)     Your dinner should balance itself between starch and protein.   Equal portions of both and it should not be the biggest meal of the day.

9)     Deal with your anxiety and stress by talking with a friend, spouse, girl/boyfriend, sister, brother, etc.  Do not store up what is bothering you.  We are not saying you have to find resolution but get it out of being inside.

10)   Learn how to relax and enjoy life.  Take a break from the rat race and find something that brings a calm to you life.  Music, good book, a pet.. whatever but find it.