Meditation Makes Your Brain Quicker

Most people dismiss meditation as a viable means to reduce stress.  Some consider it a bunch of new age or hippy age stuff. But no longer; UCLA scientists have established that meditation that showed if done regularly and for long enough, is linked to the brain being able to become sharper and process information faster. Take that, skeptics!!
The research, undertaken at UCLA, used MRI scans to compare the brains of 50 meditators to 50 non-meditators. What they discovered was that long-term meditators display large amounts of something known as gyrification in the brain. Gyrification is just a fancy-pants term for the amount of folding in the cortex—it's what gives the brain its unique, ridged appearance. Furthermore, there's a heap of evidence supporting the fact that the more folded a brain is, the quicker it can process information.

In fact, the researchers found a direct correlation between the number of years participants had been meditating for and the amount of gyrification, which suggests that, over time, people who meditate see an increase in the speed at which they can process information.
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