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526 S Conkling Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
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1724 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone:  410-235-3993
Fax:      410-558-6564
PURE is looking for REIKI, Quantum-Touch@, massage therapists, acupuncturist, herbalist, naturalopathic, and Integrated-Reflexology practitioners.  Contact us your resume/certifications to Email:
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Support PURE and help fulfill its mission to awaken the best in the human spirit; helping western medicine with assisted healing of the eastern practices. Your gift will help :
• Strengthen PURE's health, wellness, and body-mind-spirit programs
• Create major new initiatives to inspire individual of all ages to bring a healthier life change
• Provide discounted services to the public sector industry... police, firefighters and school teachers
• Provide free services and support for our senior citizens, handicap and other people in our communities in need who would benefit from our holistic healing services and unable to come to us.
PURE depends on the generosity of individuals like you to fund the work and services offered that someone in need cannot fully cover. Income from donations, workshops and other activities provided help support those in need.  Every gift ripples through the experience of program participants annually, and through every participant we touch, into the world we all share.
To make a contributions to PURE's efforts send check or money order to:
 PURE, 526 S Conkling, Baltimore, MD 21224. 

Thank you.
Have a PURE and blessed day!
Terry Fisher, Founder
If there is something we can assist you with or you would like to send us your comments, complete the below form and submit.  A notice will be sent to us.