First lists talk about what REIKI is. It is pronounced RAY KEY. Reiki is a simple, natural method that promotes healing. Reiki is a Japanese technique that is safe and works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promotes recovery. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation of the…


Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can us them to boost and help with your physical, emotional,spiritual, and financial health;and they can support your romantic life, help you and your children sleep better, amplify your healing and assist you in feeling happier and peaceful. Although they may seem like inert objects,crystals are both filled…

Alternatives for Recovery to Addictions:

RECOVERY TO DEBILITATING ADDICTIONS: Reiki should not be considered a “cure” for alcoholism or addiction, nor replace traditional treatment, but it can assist with recovery and make it immensely more tolerable. In the same way that Reiki is used as a complementary treatment for disease, such as cancer, heart, respiratory and other disorders, it is…