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The PURE Holistic Wellness Center offers holistically-based educational programs and affordable services for all to create positive transformation in individuals life.

The PURE Integrated Health Services Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a forum for a new generation of seekers. The founder felt there was an abundance of excellent spiritual teachers and practitioners in the area without a physical space or destination in which to practice. With an opening of it’s first center of March of 2012 in Fells Point, Baltimore City, Maryland, the Personalized Urban Restorative Escape(PURE) Wellness Center was born. Now, better known as PURE Holistic Wellness Center.

The initial focus of the center was introducing and providing instructional classes for Usui/Tibetan Reiki and spiritual values but the mission quickly expanded to include how our values and intentions lead us to participate in the variety of metaphysical modalities and the wider world. Since then, the Center has evolved into an urban destination for holistic learning, personal development, professional advancement and enrichment.

Programs are offered in spiritual inquiry and practice, life transformation and self-development, holistic health, bodywork, energy movement and Tai Chi, workshops, arts and creativity. The Center is dedicated to making these educational and enriching opportunities available to anyone and of all ages.Today, the Center ongoing goal is to help all those seekers with programs of exceptional depth and integrity,transforming lives.



Theresa McMillion
Practitioner: Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Reflexology,Sound and Aroma Therapy and Guided Meditations Tai Chi & Workshop Instructor

Hello, my name is Terry McMillion.
I am a successful business woman that has been in project management as a federal contractor for 24+ years. I am a ART/MASTER Teacher Practitioner of Usui/Tibet Reiki, Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher.Practitioner.
I also hold certifications in Integrative Reflexology@ and Quantum-Touch@. Studies in Kinseiology, essential oils and healing herbs. I am a practitioner using a a combination of energy healing modalities as guided to help those looking for mind, body and soul healing. This is my story. My father was diagnosed with cancer in 1979. He was determined not to let it beat him and went through a radical diet change. This never cured his cancer, but it stopped the growth and he was able to live with it. He used to say, "I will never die of this cancer but something else will get me, kid." For years, I witnessed my father ingest copious amounts of Coumadin for his heart condition, medication he called "rat poison." Suffering from high blood pressure took a toll on his heart. In April 2009, my father was taken to the hospital with a severe headache which was discovered to be a slow vessel leak, filling his brain full of blood.He would later pass into the light. I always admired my father’s insight and belief system. With help from his
doctors, he lived 20 years after being diagnosed with cancer and true to his word, he passed away from another ailment. This broke my mother’s heart. They had been married 62 years, but she was able to continue living a viable life with the aid of her children. Read more


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